Live United


Welcome UCLA Colleague!

Thank you so much for your dedication and effort to help us in our mission of permanently breaking the cycle of poverty in L.A. County for our most vulnerable neighbors. There are 47,000 men, women, children, and veterans that will not have a home to go to tonight. Each and every single one of you plays a crucial role in transforming those lives.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles designs long-term solutions that truly break the cycle of poverty by focusing on housing, education and financial stability - the building blocks for a better life and a stronger community. More recently through our advocacy work, we helped lead the passage of Prop HHH in November 2016 and Measure H this past March, creating nearly $5 billion in funding to end homelessness. L.A. County will now have the means to end homelessness, thanks to this funding that will provide permanent housing and supportive services for our homeless neighbors.

Despite this victory, there is still so much more we need to do to help the thousands of people who are living below the poverty line in Los Angeles County. It is only through our work together, by living United, that we can continue to ensure that there isn’t a single man, woman, child, or veteran living on the street, that children are graduating from high school, prepared for college and career, and families are more financially stable.

Thank you again for your incredible work. I continue to be inspired by your commitment to the people of Los Angeles County.


Elise Buik
CEO and President
United Way of Greater Los Angeles

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